Providing State of The Art Technology Equipments to Our Customers

Forensic Division

We are now providing a complete Forensic Solution to Law enforcement agencies & Forensic Laboratories all across the nation under below categories

  • 1. Firearms, Tools marks & ballistic identification and investigation equipment
  • 2. Questioned Documents Investigation equipment
  • 3. Latent Fingerprints & Crime Scene Investigation equipment
  • 4. Trace Evidence and Gun Shot Residual investigation equipment
  • 5. Digital Forensic investigation and monitoring solution
  • 6. A complete Forensic photography Solution with IR visualisation
  • 7. DNA collection and extraction processing equipment
  • 8. Forensic Light sources for investigation

Firearms & Tools marks:

A complete solution for Forensic Investigations of traces on fired ammunition and tool marks etc. The ability to see, inspect and correct images directly on the monitor and to print them immediately, provides user benefits in terms of economics and versatility on the following.

  • Comparison Macro-scope wth complete accessories and software.
  • Automated Ballistic Identification System.

  • Questioned Documents:

    a complete solution designed to assist in finding criminal activities like tampering & fake or altered question documents for the homeland security, immigration authorities, security printers, lottery companies, insurance companies, university department and national libraries comprising of the following equipment

    • Document world database for verification of documents
    • A Raman Spectrometers for the examination of question documents
    • Electrostatic Imaging System for detecting Indented writing on documents.
    • A Complete Document Imaging System for examination of questioned documents.

    Latent Fingerprints & CSI Solution

    To identify, collect, record, analyze, evaluate and archive physical Evidence. Consisting of a wide range of products as below

    • Automated Fingerprint Investigation Solution
    • Latent Print enhancement and imaging system for laboratory purpose of developed fingerprints
    • Fingerprint powders & brushes
    • Evidence drying cabinets
    • Forensic workstations
    • Forensic Laboratory evidence cabinets for super glue method or chemical treatments
    • Optical enhancement equipment
    • Narcotics and blood alcohol test kits
    • Sexual assault and DNA evidence collection Kits
    • Gunshot residue collection
    • Personal protection equipment
    • Proprietary law enforcement software

    Trace Evidence & Gun Shot Residual Investigation Equipment:

    We not only provide GSR collection stubs / kits but also complete workable solution for GSR investigation on Scanning Electron Microscope which is our speciality and have been selling SEM for decades across the country.

    • Scanning Electron microscope with GSR software
    • Multifunctional analytical system
    • Raman Spectrophotometer analysis,trace sample evidences by chemical fingerprints
    • Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy - LIBS

    Digital Forensic Investigation & Monitoring Solution:

    A complete Computer forensic solution is provided with a complete software duplication and deployment. Drive imaging, diagnostics, backup & recovery as below

    • Hard drive duplication
    • Cloning systems
    • A high speed solution for copying data from hard drives, drive formatting and disaster recovery.
    • Cell phone data extracting units with monitoring system
    • Audio, Video & data forensic cutting edge products for Police, Military & Independent Labs

    DNA Collection & Extraction Processing Equipment:

    A complete DNA collection kits for a crime scene investigator or laboratory sample collection products is provided with a cutting edge solution for quick response DNA Data extraction units newly introduced to DNA society.